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KWD Nuclear Instruments AB manufactures

 NeutronMonitor and SPND

KWD Nuclear Instruments AB (former Wedholm Medical) was founded in year 2001 and is part of the KWD- group AB. The company has its origin from Studsvik Instrument AB and the long traditions in the nuclear field from Studsvik.

KWD Nuclear Instruments AB is a big actor in the field of neutron monitoring for the nuclear industry and is also marketing products for medical sector and research institutes around in the world. The company is located in Nyköping, Sweden.

Among the products the Neutron Monitor 2222A He-3 (Digipig) is used at nuclear power plants, accelerator plants and PET- centers. The Self Powered Neutron Detector (SPND) is present at nuclear power reactors and research reactors.

For SPND normally Cobalt, Vanadium or Rhodium are used as emitter materials, giving a variety of response times and burn out rates. A version uses Lead (Pb) as the emitter material giving sensitivity to gamma radiation (SPGD).

In the field of radiation protection KWD Nuclear Instruments AB is supplying survey monitors (mini- monitors),  dose rate meters. Also tritium (H3) monitors are at our programme, but only for domestic sales.

To fulfil demands as a complete supplier KWD Nuclear Instruments AB also distributes agency products in the radiation protection area at the Swedish market.

KWD Nuclear Instruments AB also is a subcontractor for diagnostic articles (Heliprobe) for the medical sector. The Heliprobe system is a diagnostic system for Helicobacter Pylori diagnostics.

KWD Nuclear Instruments AB is certified for ISO-13485:2016 and ISO-9001:2015.